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  • Interviewed On
    Written by 7 Comments
    Last Updated: May 21, 2011
    Interviewed On
    A couple of weeks ago a friend of mine interviewed me and posted it on his blog – check it out here ...
  • 2009 Affiliate Marketing Results
    Written by 24 Comments
    Last Updated: January 12, 2010
    2009 Affiliate Marketing Results
    I can’t believe I’ve been doing this over a year now, it seems like yesterday that I was registering this domain just getting started. Overall there is nothing I can complain about, I’ve spent 6...
  • Affiliate Marketing on Hold
    Written by 11 Comments
    Last Updated: December 14, 2009
    Affiliate Marketing on Hold
    This month has been shocking in terms of productivity, I’ve tried to get things up and running but with going on holiday this week I’ve had to run about getting things all sorted for that. I don...
  • First Media Buy Experience
    Written by 15 Comments
    Last Updated: November 11, 2009
    First Media Buy Experience
    Out of the 2 media buys I ran with 1 has ran out of budget, I didn’t really do any optimisation whilst it was running because I was seeing to other campaigns. The budget was only $800 on this one a...
  • To Buy or Not To Buy
    Written by 8 Comments
    Last Updated: November 5, 2009
    To Buy or Not To Buy
    In my earlier post I mentioned briefly that I was working on a couple of media buys, I finally got those up and running today so I’m anxious and excited to see the results of those. I lined 2 up fo...
  • ad:tech London
    Written by 9 Comments
    Last Updated: September 24, 2009
    ad:tech London
    Being my first affiliate marketing event I wasn’t sure what to expect but it was finally good to put faces to the names I’ve been speaking to for over a year in some cases. Anyway I headed down t...
  • Watch Your Earnings
    Written by 2 Comments
    Last Updated: August 28, 2009
    Watch Your Earnings
    Affiliate marketing is like no other common business, I mean you could go from $1,000/week to $1,000/day overnight. You should always be keeping track of your earnings but not just on a daily/monthly...
  • First Experience with Clickbank
    Written by 8 Comments
    Last Updated: August 26, 2009
    First Experience with Clickbank
    I have decided to take a look into Clickbank to see what kind of things they have to offer, as you may know they have products for pretty much anything so there is definitely money to be made with the...
  • Shifting My Focus
    Written by 9 Comments
    Last Updated: May 22, 2009
    Shifting My Focus
    The recent events with my main campaigns going downhill got me thinking about the future, I mean I can’t keep on focusing on one income stream. Although April was a great month for me in regard...
  • Research Your Problems
    Written by 4 Comments
    Last Updated: May 17, 2009
    Research Your Problems
    This seems like it’s the first proper post I’ve done in a while that provided helpful information opposed to a success story , sorry about that. Anyway this post is something I’m new to so I t...