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Social Ads Ninja

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    Last Updated: June 3, 2012

    Personally I’ve never used ppc spy tools that much because I like to do my own thing, that was until I decided to give social ads ninja a test to see what the deal was.


    Being totally honest I’m not sure how it compares to similar tools on the market so this review is just based on social ads ninja.

    At the moment it has 10 countries including the UK, US, Australia, Canada, Sweden, Germany, France, Spain, India and the Netherlands with more on the way if the demand is high enough.

    When it comes to searching for ads you can drill down into the gender, age, marital status, interest, ad link type (internal or external) and days alive. You can also search for ads that contain desired text.

    You are able to suggest target profiles so it will be constantly growing as time goes on and more people sign up.

    Here’s what a quick search returns, I’ve tried to not out anybody’s ads but I wanted to show a screenshot of the results:


    The thing I like about this tool is how devoted Matej is to make it work, he’s on skype more than me which is saying something and has always been available if I have any questions

    Aside from the standard search function Matej has compiled a number of tutorials and case studies ranging from using the tool itself to setting up a fan page redirect.

    Right, onto the price. You have 2 pricing structures to choose from, either weekly or monthly with the monthly option working out much cheaper costing you just $147/month opposed to $87/week. Use coupon “RICHARD35″ to get 35% off the lifetime price.

    Last month they actually hit the 150,000 ad benchmark, which is impressive for around 2 months of being open.

    Check it out to see if you could benefit by using the social ad ninja.

  1. bro do you even make money anymore? By the looks of your blog it just seems like you post random paid posts and affiliate links once every few months.

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    Richard Reply:

    Yeah course I do, I’ve never made my blog to make any considerable income from – I wanted it to get my name out there and give me somewhere to write anything I want.

    In regards to paid posts I haven’t received a penny for this post, I got in touch with the owner to see if I could write a review on it to help get him more customers because I think it’s a good tool.

    If you look at the homepage feed only 1 of those posts were paid so I don’t see the problem, all of the other tools I have wrote about because I think they can benefit my readers.

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    Kang Reply:

    br0 I can see why you’re thinking this way as Rich doesn’t talk about his campaigns much anymore, but as someone who talks to him every few days on Skype, I think I can safely say that Rich is still doing really, really well.

    The guy just doesn’t like to show off and talk about numbers etc, but he does know his shit, and is not the typical guru you see more and more of these days.

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  2. #2 another br0 says:
    June 7, 2012 at 1:47 am

    it’d be cooler if he did brag. It used to be motivational.

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    Richard Reply:

    I appreciate you saying that it used to be motivational but I can guarantee that having my blog full of screenshots of earnings etc would bring me headaches than it’s worth from other people

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  3. I like low profile people. is a relative new website. I don’t think I can trust its product.

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