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Series: Tips to Help Find That Winning Offer (Part 5)

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    Last Updated: June 16, 2010

    Rotate offers

    I can’t count the number of times I’ve had an idea, got it all up and running for it to fail and a simple change in offer has boosted performance instantly – without any other changes. Even having the exact same offer on different networks will perform different so in order to squeeze all of the revenue out of your campaign you need to test every offer in the niche with every network you can.

    Just last week I used this tip taking a campaign losing money to making a profit. It just shows you that you have to exhaust everything and be willing to spend money to make money, I’m sure with more time and more scaling I can get the initial loss back and much more – just for having the confidence and patience that it had potential.

  1. You would think the same campaign on different networks would perform the same. Unless the tracking is poor on one network or the landing pages are different.

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  2. Richard – Testing is neverending and in our game we cannot afford to stop for one second. Rotate – Rinse – Repeat!!

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