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Series: Tips to Help Find That Winning Offer (Part 3)

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    Last Updated: June 14, 2010

    I’m sure that I’ll get comments saying this is still basic newbie info but what can I do, I said that I’ll be going through as much as I can think of to help turn a losing campaign profitable. These tips have worked for me so it’s up to you what you do with the information, obviously everyone being at a different level what’s not useful or common sense to some people – won’t be for everyone.

    Anyway with that out of the way I’ll get stuck in:

    Split test your landing page

    The majority of times I begin a campaign I use 2 landing pages to test first, often drastically different in the approach i.e. 1 review page and 1 presell or something. Sometimes I begin with 1 or sometimes I’ll make more and give it a test to see which option gets the best response. I tend to make the colour scheme something similar so that doesn’t become a massive factor of their performance. NOTE: direct linking may also be viable depending on the offer.

    From there I can then drill down into the winning page type and begin testing elements of that to increase the click through rate. Remember to also track the conversion rate as that’s ultimately what will make or break the campaign. You could have a landing page with over 50% CTR but if the conversion rate sucks it’s not doing its job. If you are using prosper202 or tracking202 all this is taken care of.

    It could be something as simple in the change of your approach could turn it profitable, sometimes more is required so be sure to test the main elements of your landing page such as the colour scheme, headers, images, call to actions or layout to name a few.

    I use this script to rotate my landing pages and it works fine: – just put that code in the index.php of your domain and edit the code so that it can pull up your landing pages.

    If you have any specific questions related to landing pages feel free to post a comment and I’ll answer it the best I can.

  1. what kind of budget do you use to test an offer?

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    Richard Reply:

    generally about 2-3 times to payout but nothing set in stone

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