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Series: Tips to Help Find That Winning Offer (Part 2)

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    Last Updated: June 12, 2010

    Before we get stuck into the main topics I want to talk about, I want to mention something that really has an impact on your success rate.

    Stop Procrastinating

    Close everything non-related to your work and just get stuck in. I’ve found that if you take too long on tasks (example taking days instead of hours) it drags out the process of getting that campaign up and running which in turn will make you feel you’ve spent far too much time on it for it to fail.

    You pack up and move onto the next – chances are the exact same will happen and after X campaigns you have spent your entire test budget convinced that affiliate marketing doesn’t work.

    A simple post yet effective, they will get more in-depth I promise :P

  1. #1 Tray says:
    June 12, 2010 at 4:01 pm

    Part 1 basically said you were going to do a post today. Sorry but it was more of a tweet than the beginning of a series.

    So today’s Part 2 is basically three sentences long that says don’t procrastinate. It doesn’t even mention the subject of this series that was stated in Part 1 as . . .
    “Series: Tips to Help Find That Winning Offer (Part 1)”

    Richard it’s less than thin. I don’t see how it helps your rep or benefits anyone if the posts are just teasers to what may be in the next one. The first two post in this series has no substance. If you have to stretch out one post of information over a month it will not help you or anyone else. If you don’t know what to write just wait until you have it before posting tweet length information describing what you are going to do in future posts.

    This ending line in Part II is just not based in reality.
    “A simple post yet effective, they will get more in-depth I promise :P

    It is the readers opinion that counts on what is effective.

    I’m not a troll and this is the last time I will comment on your blog. And I do realize that it is your blog and you can do what you want.

    But there has been zero substance so far. It feels like your baiting.

    (Jiminy crickets I just realized I’ve put more thought in this reply than your series so far.)

    We want the old Richards standards of quality back.

    Take care.

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    Richard Reply:

    Sorry my posts don’t meet your requirements, I did state that they will start off slow catering for people who are just coming into the industry. Many people have the problems of keeping on track which is a major issue.

    I just thought I’d get that post out of the way so that next week I can do some more indepth posts. I know it’s the readers opinion on what’s effective and if this post helps 1 person just get on with work then it’s been successful and done it’s job.

    Also I don’t see how this post is baiting for anything

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  2. #2 CJones says:
    June 12, 2010 at 4:27 pm

    While I do think these posts could be more. I am sure you’ll get to it in your own sweet time.

    I personally don’t feel entitled to tell you what you can and cannot do on your blog when you are giving out free tips.

    So readers quit reading blogs (procrastinating) and get back to the hustle.

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    Richard Reply:

    I do agree that the first 2 have been short but they are to the point and get the message I wanted to across. You have to start with the basics which is what I wanted to do

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  3. I agree this series would be the equivalent of a 1 game stanly cup final, I am not even sure I want to her #3 hehe.

    At any rate your not as bad as Murray Newlands and Im glad they took him off AffBuzz. 30% of Affbuzz blogs are good and 70% junk. Next they should rid of Shawn Collins he has some mighty horrible posts aswell.

    That is all!

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    Richard Reply:

    Think of these posts as a pre-game warmup :P

    I have jotted down about 4-5 other topics I want to touch on which have helped me personally find successful campaigns so I’m sure there relevant to other people in the same situation.

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  4. Very short, sweet and effective post. I know it is a older post but still very good.

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