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Learn From My Mistake

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    Last Updated: May 20, 2011

    This was actually something that happened to me a good few months ago but never got round to posting it.

    Anyway, I’ve never been that savvy when it comes to mysql, my server or anything like that – I mean the host I’m with has great customer service so if I have any issues then I can get a response reasonably quick and the issue resolved.

    I launched a couple of campaigns and about half hour into it everything went tits up, my server went down and I wasn’t able to login to FaceBook to pause the traffic for some reason so there was nothing I could really do without consulting my host.

    I submitted a ticket and had to just wait until somebody replied saying they would take a look and report back – anyway it was all way over my head but they just checked the log of my server and found the error and corrected it.

    I can’t really remember the specifics so I apologise for the vague post but I’m sure it was something to do with my prosper domain having some sort of conflict.

    Moral of this post is that I could have probably fixed that myself within 5 minutes if I a) knew how to do basic server maintenance b) knew what I was looking for and c) knew how to rectify the problem.

    From them I’m making it a goal so that I can fully understand and manage just the basics to start with so if anything was to happen again I’m not just say wasting money waiting for somebody to help me out.

    Don’t take everything for granted as sometimes things out of your control just happen so you need to be ready to get things working smoothly again, imagine if this was an expensive media buy or something – I was still pissed that I lost a few hundred bucks due to my ignorance.

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