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  • OUTDATED: I will be revisiting my goals and updating shortly

    Short Term Goal

    I did decide to have a month by month goal but as things have been getting busy I have not had much time to get new campaigns up and running so I have decided to just create a short term goal of 6 figures a month and keep trying for that opposed to changing it every month.

    Long Term Goal

    My original long term goal was to be making enough money to go full time and make a living from the internet by the age of 23. I can gladly say that at the age of 22 I am working full time making a more than average income from the internet via affiliate marketing :)

    I’m not sure what my long term goasls are at the moment but I will be revisiting this page and changing both goals because although I haven’t yet reached 6 figures/month it wont be long!