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Facebook Ads Toolbox

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    Last Updated: March 19, 2012

    Whether you’re an experienced or newbie affiliate working with Facebook then this is a tool you want to check out. I’m not one to usually promote tools but this is one I can honestly say WILL save you time which we all know time = money in this game.


    When dealing with Facebook your CTR (click through rate) will play a huge role in not only how much volume you will get but more importantly how much you pay per click so it’s essential to get the highest CTR you can.

    How do you do that? Plain and simple testing variations of images and ad copy.

    I’ve been personally working with Facebook for about 2 years or so now and consider them one of the best traffic sources I’ve worked with and will more than likely continue to run traffic their for the rest of my internet marketing career.

    Doing all my creatives manually I spend a fair bit of time inside PhotoShop cropping, resizing, changing borders, colours and the other hundred things I test with images until recently I was forwarded onto the Facebook Ads Toolbox which basically cuts all the boring, time consuming tasks out giving you almost 100 different variations of your image. I’ve spoken to the owner, Adam and he said he’s going to be constantly adding new variations as long as people are using the service so it will only get better. Here’s just a sample of some of the manipulations to an image:


    Just a note from my own personal experience that even a slight change of border colour can have a HUGE difference on the outcome – take a look at this blog post by Stack That Money .

    Putting all of the other variations aside you can see that on average the “default” picture got a CTR of 0.051% and by simply adding a black border the CTR jumped to 0.114% – the next step could be to test different colours of the border so you can see the importance of testing everything. It could be the difference between losing and making money.

    Check the tool out and see what you think, the price is very reasonable at a maximum of $11.95/month but varies depending if you want to pay quarterly or yearly.

  1. Good article about CTRs. Thanks

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  2. Hey Richard,

    Have you checked CrazyCTR?

    The extra features(what fbadstoolbox doesn’t have):

    It generates 101 variations, works in batch mode(up to 40 images at a time), bulk image downloading. It has a built-in image editor with 23 effects so you can combine them and create some really attractive variations. It also has a browser extension that helps you gather and prepare images much faster.

    If you are interested I can give you a discount for your readers.

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    Richard Reply:

    Hey Virgil,

    I haven’t tried that at the moment, if you wanna hit me up with a test account I’ll bang a post up on about letting everything know :)

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    Virgil Reply:


    I just emailed you back ;)

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  3. Hey Richard,

    Keep up the good work man!!

    I had one question regarding this post,you gave your thumbs up for CrazyCTR and Facebook ad toolbox too. Which one should i go for?


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