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Don’t Scrimp on Something So Important

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    Last Updated: May 17, 2011

    I’ve never really been into much international targeting, before today international to me was targeting the UK instead of the US (even though I’m from the UK). Today I wanted to test something totally different, something I’d not tried before just to see what the outcome was.

    I do remember trying something similar (different niche) about 9 months ago on FaceBook, if I remember rightly it was dating, something I’ve never really tried out but to cut a long story short it flopped so I didn’t really go anywhere.

    I’ve always wanted to take the faster route to getting things tested, doing everything myself so it’s exactly how I want it and I can set the pace of getting things done. Including the translation using Google translator – this could have been the sole reason that my previous small attempt did so badly.

    From now on I will be using OneHourTranslation for all of my translations, my main reasoning to not use them was because when I come up with an idea I want it launched now, not have to wait around for an hour before I can get any landing page or ad text translated – I was pleasantly surprised when they completed a project of mine within 20 minutes of me creating an account.

    Most of you will probably know of these guys and the quality they provide but I came across a coupon for them which is the main reason (I’m not sure if this is for new accounts only but it’s worth a try if to see):

    Coupon code: FACEBOOK

    That gives you 25 words free, it’s not a lot but can get some ad text translated to test out.

    Just out of curiosity I pasted what they gave me into Google translate and it came back perfect, but when I put the English version into Google there were slight variations so this could mean make or break on a campaign if you are speaking incorrectly to your crowd.

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