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Crazy CTR – Boost your ads CTR!

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    Last Updated: April 25, 2012

    I’m sure by now it’s been drilled in to your head that you need high CTR ads if you want to get anywhere in this game – before you all bombard me about that it’s the ecpm that counts having some solid CTRs will make life much easier as higher CTR = lower cost per clicks giving you more room to play with.

    Anyway moving on introducing Crazy CTR .


    I’m a big fan of automation, if it makes my life easier I’m all for it. Crazy CTR is a tool allows you to create, edit and manipulate your images in seconds, it has 145 pre defined tweaks you can perform on your images in which is increasing on a weekly basis. These are some of the categories you have to play with:

    • Thin, medium, thick and neon borders with 12 different colors each
    • Borders with different shapes
    • Subtle image enhancements
    • Different color variations
    • Edge mask effects
    • Badges over image
    • Signs and marks over image
    • Image distortion effects

    Take a look at some of the images I’ve just made on the fly:


    One of the best features about Crazy CTR is the randomize function, simply click it and let the software take care of your image. You really have to test everything because you should never assume or just use what ‘you think’ will work – chances are you will be surprised.


    The pricing is really competitive for other similar tools with the most expensive being $14.95 per month which with the best value for money being $4.95 per month if you buy it on a yearly basis. They also provide you with a 7-day free trial so you have nothing to lose by checking them out.

    >> Click here to start your trial <<


  1. The biggest advantage that I see with this tool is it allows you to save (and crop) images FROM your browser. It just saves your image to your CrazyCTR account and you can export batches of your images as zips.

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  2. Which one to use Richard? FBadtoolbox or crazy ctr?

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    Sam Reply:

    I would use ctrxtreme :) one time payment – more features

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  3. ctrextreme doesn’t allow to save/crop images directly from search engines like crazyctr. And with the latest update you can edit any image size on crazyctr, not PoF/Facebook size.

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