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  • Social Ads Ninja
    Written by 6 Comments
    Last Updated: June 3, 2012
    Social Ads Ninja
    Personally I’ve never used ppc spy tools that much because I like to do my own thing, that was until I decided to give social ads ninja a test to see what the deal was. Being totally hone...
  • Crazy CTR – Boost your ads CTR!
    Written by 4 Comments
    Last Updated: April 25, 2012
    Crazy CTR – Boost your ads CTR!
    I’m sure by now it’s been drilled in to your head that you need high CTR ads if you want to get anywhere in this game – before you all bombard me about that it’s the ecpm that counts having so...
  • Not Liking the FaceBook New Interface
    Written by 7 Comments
    Last Updated: March 10, 2011
    Not Liking the FaceBook New Interface
    After being out a few hours I’ve just noticed that the interface on FaceBook has been changed, on the campaign homepage you don’t get any stats about your campaigns other than the spend really. I...
  • First Attempts to Scale Facebook
    Written by 9 Comments
    Last Updated: November 8, 2009
    First Attempts to Scale Facebook
    Still being a newbie this is all new to me, it’s weird to have to forget everything you know about affiliate marketing and pretty much start fresh. Anyway moving on, I’ve been pretty busy with som...
  • Why Do I keep Going Back to Facebook?
    Written by 13 Comments
    Last Updated: November 6, 2009
    Why Do I keep Going Back to Facebook?
    I’ve always been trying to make a successful campaign in Facebook, no matter how many I throw up they all seem to end up losing me money. Just looking in my Facebook advertising account I have spen...
  • Facebook Test Part 1
    Written by 10 Comments
    Last Updated: July 20, 2009
    Facebook Test Part 1
    As you know I have been testing an offer with Facebook and getting some ok results, the first day went pretty good and I turned a profit. My spend was hitting $50/day dead on every day it ran – I a...
  • Facebook Round 2
    Written by 15 Comments
    Last Updated: July 17, 2009
    Facebook Round 2
    Previously all my attempts to get a successful Facebook campaign running failed terribly, for whatever reason I couldn’t get an ad approved and lost patience and went to work on something else. All...