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Affiliate Managers: Don’t be an Ass

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    Last Updated: May 13, 2011

    This isn’t a necessarily rant at anybody in particular but just to put a perspective of what ‘potentially’ could happen when affiliate managers begin to become slack at maintaining a good relationship or outright fuck people over.

    Let’s put a hypothetical character in place, say called Ricardo. Anyway a good couple of months ago Ricardo newly joined a fairly popular network for one offer that they had that others didn’t – ran a small test and discovered it performed terrible, I mean like zero conversions over a good couple of hundred clicks (bear in mind it was a low paying offer so conversions ‘should’ be apparent, even if the traffic quality sucked).

    Anyway a quick chat with the affiliate manager to see if anything was up to which supposedly the offer was running fine. Fair enough Ricardo thought and began talking to another affiliate manager of one of his favoured networks and was convinced the offer was actually worth pursuing and something must have been a technical problem somewhere along the lines.

    Later that day the offer was live in the other network and the exact same campaign was unpaused, absolutely nothing has changed bar the affiliate link. Lone behold conversions were coming in thick and fast even on the ‘terrible quality of traffic’.

    Naturally I assume Ricardo tried to follow this up with the previously mentioned network to actually give feedback that the traffic was fine and the offer wasn’t tracking properly. To cut a long story short the outcome was that nothing happened, allegedly the offer was running fine for everybody else so it must have just been the link – and I heard that Ricardo was still waiting for an email about what happened months after this even happened.

    Moral of the story is that just because of the ignorance and shitty relationship that company has lost out on a lot of revenue over the last few months – not only that but even today I , I mean Ricardo found an offer but instead of running it through them, has asked another network to get it for tomorrow so things can get rolling.

  1. I wish that Ricardo could hypothetically tell us which hypothetical network this story could be about. And of course, the name of the hypothetical affiliate manager. I love the lead in email for this… I could resist… I had to click and read the rest.

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    Richard Reply:

    I wouldn’t worry about the network/manager to be honest, I’m sure other people have different views of them but I wasn’t impressed with how I was treated – just think that because I had no previous history with them they didn’t give me their attention.

    It doesn’t make much difference to me however I’ll never push anything through that network and would rather wait an extra day or two until another one can get the offers I wanted to run.

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