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  • OUTDATED: I will be revisiting my ‘about page’ and updating shortly

    My name is Richard Bonner and I currently live in the city of Sheffield, United Kingdom. I’m 21 years old and have decided to pursue the life of an affiliate marketer and try to break out of the average salary. I am currently making in the range of mid $X,XXX on the internet from offering a range of services that I class as my strengths.

    How & why I got into making money online?

    Originally, like everyone (I assume) I started making websites in my spare time throughout my school/college years as a hobby and to pass time. Shortly after, I sold my first website for around $100 I realised that there is money to be made from this once hobby. I began to spend more time looking into the different methods to make money online.

    One of the methods that stuck with me throughout my journey is copywriting, stumbling across DigitalPoint back in July 2006 I noticed that native English writers were in high demand. After offering people a 500 word article for just $5 I was more than happy because people loved the quality and content of the articles and I was getting the instant cash that I was chasing. After speaking to a number of people that also offered a copywriting service I made the decision to increase my rates slightly to see if people would still be willing to pay for the my articles. With a good clientele I was getting as much work as I could handle on a weekly basis and it began to take up far too much time with little return. From then I pushed my rates to $0.04 a word and never looked back, I still get work on a regular basis and I’m earning 4 times more than I used to :-) .

    You may find this strange because the purpose of this blog is to track my progress in making money online – mainly focusing on affiliate marketing but when I was researching methods to earn money online I came across Click Consultants and decided to give affiliate marketing a go about 2 years ago :lol: . Needless to say I stuck it out for a few months and decided to try my luck elsewhere, I put this down to me having the wrong mindset and really believing you could make quick easy money online. I also had a number of other projects going off that needed my attention so I couldn’t focus on affiliate marketing and wasn’t able to see the true potential it has if done correctly.

    Stumbling across blogs such as Jonathan Volk, Uber Affiliate and Click Consultants I decided to try my luck again in affiliate marketing. This time equipped with more patience and the passion to learn how to be successful (the kind of money these guys were making had an influence too I guess ;-) ) I will not settle with failure.