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A Few Technical Errors

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    Last Updated: May 20, 2011

    I’ve had to change my theme around slightly because I had some issues with the old one which I’m working on.

    It’s only a temporary change but I wanted to get it up and running in a basic format so people can still access it etc.

    Please bear with me.

    EDIT: This should now be all fixed

  1. Your original theme is way better! I hope you get it back and running again soon.

    I’ve always wanted to ask who designed the header of your original theme? (the one with the drawn picture of yourself)

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    Tim Reply:

    This is a little late but did a great job for me. I have yet to use it but the work they did was great!

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  2. Yeah I hope so too, I’m not too sure to be honest it was just a company I found on the internet I believe.

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